What?VII Energy week

When?December 12-16, 2022

Where?Panama City/ On-site attendance modality



The VII Energy Week will address energy security and just energy transitions in Latin America and the Caribbean



Quito (Ecuador)- May 18, 2022.- Regional economies are being directly impacted by a global context in which energy security has become extremely relevant and inflationary processes linked to the energy supply network have become part of a range of scenarios.

This year’s Energy Week will address these important and necessary issues, through the continuity of the propositional spaces that set the tone for strategic political dialogue in the region.

Thus, we are strongly resuming the face-to-face modality and continue to strengthen this type of channels in the discussion of the energy sector.

In its VII edition, the Energy Week will be held from December 12 to 16, 2022 in Panama City. It is organized by the Latin American Energy Organization (Olade), the Energy Secretariat of Panama and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), with the collaboration of EnergyNet.

The VII Energy Week is a reference platform to boost opportunities for the sector in the midst of current geopolitical circumstances.

It will focus on the following key areas:

– Innovation in the energy sector

– Sustainable energy development: access to energy, energy efficiency, renewability

– Gender and energy

– Energy security

– Energy integration

Additionally, the following will be developed:

– Inter-Agency Dialogue

– LVIII Council of Experts

– LII Meeting of Ministers with the Ministerial Political Dialogue.

This meeting is a source of pride and satisfaction for its organizers, as it has a great acceptance in the sector. The results have shown that Energy Week is the main sectoral space in the region, bringing together governments, companies, academia and international agencies.


The most recent virtual editions (2020 and 2021) had a great impact on the energy community. There were 2,121 registered participants, 580 attendees connected per session through different platforms, with a total of 5,167 attendees, and the participation of 88 organizations.

In 2019 in Lima-Peru, the IV edition of the Energy Week was held in person, which brought together 2173 participants including government representatives, international organizations, speakers, panelists and members of academia, along with 56 companies. There were 20 official delegations from the Olade Member Countries that attended the XLIX Meeting of Ministers.

These results motivate and commit us more and more to carry out this type of events for the benefit of the region.

The VII Energy Week will be attended by representatives of the governments of the 27 Olade Member Countries, as well as by representatives of the energy sector.

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